Expertise In Our Field


At Nelsen Partners, architecture is viewed not solely as object-making, but the careful crafting of buildings within their environment, with attention to creating memorable and sustainable built environments that enhance the human experience.

With over 50 MILLION square feet of designed and built work completed throughout the world, Nelsen Partners’ breadth of experience and passion for design allows us to continue to create enduring architecture and legacy developments for our clients.


Master planning experience ranging from dense urban infill sites to large scale residential or commercial developments comprising hundreds of acres have been completed by Nelsen Partners.  Our work begins with an integrated site analysis involving climate, topography, hydrology, transportation and socioeconomic issues, and culminates with detailed planning, design guidelines, and development standards.  Our expertise in detailed architectural design combined with our approach to land use and planning has developed a discipline that is unique to our industry.


Nelsen Partners continues to craft exceptional interior environments that enhance the architectural impact of our work.  The realization of our Client’s most detailed vision is executed with the highest attention to scale, attitude, materials, lighting, acoustics and furnishings.

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